Pourvoirie Pointe du Phénix, is a new outfitter located on the large Lake Kipawa, formerly called "Mackenzie camp". The outfitter is located in an isolated area more than 20 km from the nearest provider, on a peninsula, facing south (so full of sun). At 4 km from us, there is the entrance to the Kipawa River and a walleye spawning area. We are accessible by water only (8 km pontoon, 20 min). Walleye and pike are the species of interest. But there is also lake trout, which the Department of Wildlife tries for a few years to reintroduce with its seeding, which will be a species that has been monitored in the coming years.

My spouse and I bought the outfitter in the summer of 2017. Having been abandoned for more than 10 years, we spent the summer of 2017 renovating the cottages, the docks and making the layout with the help of friends and family.

The name Kipawa comes from Algonquin and means '' it's closed '' or '' no way out ''. Lake Kipawa, because of its numerous bays and islands, makes this lake a real labyrinth.

At 6 hrs from Montreal and about 4 hrs from Toronto and Ottawa, accessible by asphalt road, it is easy to get to the outfitter. Lake Kipawa covers nearly 100 km in length and has more than 1600 km of rocky shores bordered by several huge pines. The lake is deep and very clear. Being protected by hundreds of islands and bays, navigation is safe and the shores are never far away.